2040 Water Resources and Infrastructure Subcommittee

The 2040 Water Resources and Infrastructure Committee (2040 WRIS) identifies long-term risks to the water supply industry created by global climate change. The subcommittee also investigates ways that public water suppliers and other agencies involved in public water supply can address these risks via infrastructure and facilities management, regulatory changes and alternations in consumer water usage.

The subcommittee is charged with identifying specific environmental changes that are likely to occur, including sea level rise and any resulting changes to the aquifer system (i.e., saltwater/freshwater interface and overall water availability), and projected alterations in weather patterns and resulting effects on both aquifer recharge and consumer demand; what water facility management responses will be needed to address the environmental changes referenced above, such as long distance transmission of water, changes in well locations, and monitoring data requirements; and what consumer behavioral changes and regulatory requirements may be necessary in response to the conditions noted above.

The findings of the 2040 WRIS have been incorporated into LICAP’s Groundwater Resources Management Plan, which was published in 2020.

Water Resources Opportunities Subcommittee

The Water Resources Opportunities Subcommittee (WROS) studies potential short-term risks facing water suppliers, such as groundwater contamination; pending water quality regulations specific to volatile organic compounds, nitrate, perchlorate, pharmaceuticals and personal care products; isolated saltwater intrusion conditions; increasing water demands; emergency planning; and the impact of and need of sewers.

The issues/risks identified by the WROS have been incorporated into LICAP’s Groundwater Resources Management Plan, which was published in 2020. Also included were recommendations to strengthen the overall management of the aquifer system and proposed legislative initiatives.

Conservation Subcommittee

The Conservation Subcommittee is charged with educating Long Islanders about the importance of preserving the sole source aquifer that provides 100% of Long Island’s drinking water and developing a comprehensive campaign to show Long Islanders how they can conserve our precious drinking water resources.

These priorities were addressed in 2019 with the introduction of the Our Water Our Lives water conservation campaign. The multiplatform campaign engages the public about the importance of water conservation via digital advertising, a website, social media and active participation in events all around Long Island. The subcommittee is represented by more than two dozen organizations, agencies and offices dedicated to the preservation of Long Island’s aquifer system.

Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan Subcommittee

The Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan Subcommittee (LINAP Subcommittee) works cooperatively with the project management team of the Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan to identify opportunities for collaboration between the two entities. The subcommittee also works on additional water resource protection initiatives.